Explore the stunning landscapes of Lanzarote by bike with the GR 131

If you’re looking for a unique cycling experience in a otherworldly landscape, the GR 131 bike route is just what you need. With a total length of approximately 70 km, this route traverses the island of Lanzarote from north to south, passing through impressive volcanic landscapes, green valleys, and seaside cliffs.

The route is divided into six stages that can be completed in one or two days, depending on the pace and experience of each cyclist. Below, we present each of the stages of the route, along with their coordinates and technical characteristics:

Stage 1: Órzola – Haría (13 km)

Coordinates: 29.165797, -13.471130

The first stage of the Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca begins at the port of Órzola, where you can enjoy views of the island of La Graciosa. The traveler ventures into the Natural Monument of La Corona, surrounded by the impressive volcano of La Corona. The route continues along roads and trails, offering panoramic views of the Peñas de Andía and the characteristic landscape of the malpaís (badlands). After crossing the Natural Monument, the path gently descends towards the village of Máguez, passing through picturesque streets. From Máguez, it ascends again until reaching the charming town of Haría, where the first stage ends.

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The Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca offers cyclists the opportunity to explore the beautiful volcanic landscape of Lanzarote and enjoy the rich culture and architecture of the villages along the way. Each stage provides a unique experience, and this first stage from Órzola to Haría is an unbeatable start, with the impressive volcano of La Corona as a backdrop.

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Stage 2: Haría – Teguise (21 km)

Coordinates: 29.067068, -13.558510

The second stage of the Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca begins in the picturesque town of Haría and ends in Teguise. The route starts by ascending through the Malpaso Valley, offering stunning views of the nearby beaches of Arrieta and Punta Mujeres. As it approaches the Peñas del Chache and the hermitage of Las Nieves, the highest points of this stage, one can observe the beaches of Famara on the west side of the island. Finally, the path descends to the monumental town of Teguise, where this second stage concludes.

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The route from Haría to Teguise offers cyclists the opportunity to explore the impressive volcanic landscape of Lanzarote and enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and beaches. Along the way, you pass through charming villages and can visit points of interest such as the hermitage of Las Nieves and the Castle of Santa Bárbara in Teguise.

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Etapa 3: Teguise – San Bartolomé (15 km)

Coordinates: 29.017838, -13.636018

The third stage of the Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca is a short but beautiful walk from Teguise to San Bartolomé. The route starts in Teguise, meandering through the city and venturing into farmland characterized by the use of volcanic gravel, which gives the landscape a unique singularity. The traveler is greeted by the plains of El Jable, where crops grow in organic sand, and finally arrives in San Bartolomé, a town located in the center of the island of Lanzarote and on the Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca.

The third stage is the shortest of the route and begins in front of the Santo Domingo convent in Teguise. The route descends through Guadalupe and Guatatiboa streets, and then takes Siempreviva street. After leaving behind the asphalt and houses of Teguise, the path becomes a wide dirt road (Crisantemo street) that veers to the right.

The route crosses farmland and then turns left to descend along a stretch of paved road. Subsequently, the traveler veers to the right onto a wide dirt path at kilometer point 26. As it moves away from Teguise, the path narrows near small livestock and agricultural structures.

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Once on flat terrain, the path once again becomes a wide dirt road near Monte Mina. After a short stretch on asphalt and crossing the LZ-408 road, the path gently ascends on a wide dirt road. Approaching kilometer point 30, the traveler enters the plains of El Jable, where they can enjoy this valuable ecosystem and the ingenious cultivation system used in the area.

After overcoming a small incline and reaching kilometer point 32, there is an interesting volcanic formation to the right of the path, with significant geomorphological value. The route continues on flat terrain, with some sections even slightly downhill. As the traveler approaches San Bartolomé, they enter the town after surpassing kilometer point 33.

The journey concludes at León y Castillo square, where an interpretative panel marks the end of the stage. San Bartolomé is a charming place to explore, with León y Castillo square and San Bartolomé Castle as highlights in the city.

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Etapa 4: San Bartolomé – Uga (16 km)

Coordinates: 28.956744, -13.737240

The fourth stage of the Camino Natural de Órzola a Playa Blanca starts in San Bartolomé and covers several points of interest. The traveler has the opportunity to enjoy the architectural heritage of San Bartolomé, visiting Casa Mayor Guerra and other historical houses before leaving the urban area. The path surrounds Caldera Honda and Monte Guatisea, passing through the village of Montaña Blanca.

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After passing through Montaña Blanca, the path continues towards Conil, which marks the halfway point of the stage. It then heads to the village of La Asomada and enters the Protected Landscape of La Geria, famous for its vineyards cultivated in volcanic ash. The traveler traverses the plains of La Geria and reaches the town of Uga, where the typical camel enclosures can be seen.

The stage concludes in Yaiza, passing by the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, where religious paintings on volcanic rock can be found. This is the longest stage of the journey and offers beautiful panoramic views, including the island of Fuerteventura.

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Etapa 5: Uga – Yaiza (5 km)

Coordinates: 28.952567, -13.756905.

The fifth and final stage of the Natural Path from Órzola to Playa Blanca starts in Yaiza and ends in Playa Blanca. The path descends from Yaiza, passing by the Montaña de la Cinta and the LZ-701 road. After an ascent, the traveler reaches Las Breñas, from where the end of the stage and the island of Fuerteventura can be seen. From Las Breñas, a fun descent begins, including the Poblado del Terminillo, an archaeological site of interest. The path continues descending through the urban area of Playa Blanca until reaching the interpretive panel located at the intersection of El Varadero and Limones streets, where the stage and the Natural Path come to an end. This final stage offers beautiful panoramic views and allows the traveler to enjoy the beauty of Playa Blanca.

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