Lanzarote, one of the stunning Canary Islands, is a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts. Its unique volcanic landscape and natural beauty make this island an unparalleled destination for exploring on two wheels. In this guide, I will take you through an exciting mountain bike route that starts in Costa Teguise and immerses you in the unique nature of Lanzarote, passing through impressive volcanic landscapes and vineyards. This circular adventure begins and ends at The Bike Station, by Tribike, in Costa Teguise, offering an unforgettable biking experience.

Departure from The Bike Station, by Tribike, Costa Teguise

The route starts at the bike shop The Bike Station, by Tribike, in Costa Teguise, where you can rent or prepare your bike for the thrilling journey. Download the route in GPX or FIT format for your navigation device.

Kilometers 0-7: Tinaguache Mountain and Cabreras Path

From Costa Teguise, head towards Tinaguache Mountain, where you can appreciate the ancient fields of solidified lava that form a unique lunar landscape on the island. As you progress, you will notice the resilience of the local flora, such as the sweet tabaibo and the red tajinaste, which thrive in these extreme conditions.

Kilometers 7-10: Vega de Teguise and Cuervos Path

Continue your journey through Vega de Teguise, a fertile and green area in contrast to the aridity of the surrounding lava fields. Here, you’ll find fruit trees and traditional crops like prickly pear cacti and vines.

Kilómetros 10-17: San Bartolomé y Camino de la Florida

Atraviesa el pintoresco pueblo de San Bartolomé, rodeado de campos de cactus y aloes. Estos suculentos son comunes en la isla y se utilizan en productos de belleza y cuidado de la piel debido a sus propiedades beneficiosas.

Kilometers 10-17: San Bartolomé and Florida Path

Pass through the picturesque village of San Bartolomé, surrounded by cactus fields and aloe plants. These succulents are common on the island and are used in beauty and skincare products due to their beneficial properties.

Kilometers 17-21: La Geria and Wineries

At kilometer 21, you will reach the fascinating wine region of La Geria, where you’ll find several wineries, including the renowned Bodega El Grifo. This is the perfect place to taste local wine and learn about the innovative method of cultivating vineyards in pits covered with volcanic ash.

Kilometers 21-24: Tisalaya Path and Ortiz Cave

Head towards the Tisalaya Path towards the Ortiz Cave at kilometer 24, an intriguing geological formation created by ancient volcanic eruptions. Observe the unique colors and textures of the volcanic rocks in this area.

Kilometers 24-33: Tinguatón and Timanfaya National Park

At kilometer 28, you’ll pass by Mount Tabaiba and enter the Tinguatón area and Timanfaya National Park. Here, you’ll be surrounded by surreal landscapes of solidified lava, craters, and fumaroles. Pay attention to the scarce flora that has adapted to this inhospitable environment, such as lava lichen and esparto grass.

Montaña los Rodeos, Lanzarote

Kilometers 33-38: Rodeos Mountain and Ermita de los Dolores

At kilometer 33, you’ll reach Rodeos Mountain, marking the turning point in this route. At kilometer 38, you can stop for refreshments and visit the Ermita de los Dolores in Mancha Blanca before continuing.

Ermita de los Dolores, Macha Blanca Lanzarote

Kilometers 38-52: Tinache Mountain and Trillo Path

Continue towards Tinache Mountain at kilometer 40, crossing the Path towards El Cuchillo towards Trillo Path at kilometer 46, passing through the Muñique area.

Montaña  Tinache 
 Tinajo Lanzarote

Kilometers 52-54: Return to Costa Teguise

From kilometer 52 to 54, you will follow the same route back to Costa Teguise, where your thrilling journey ends at The Bike Station, by Tribike.

The Bike Station, Tribike Rent bike in Costa Teguise,, Lanzarote

This exciting mountain bike route will take you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Lanzarote, from volcanic mountains to vineyards and Timanfaya National Park. During the ride, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the unique beauty of this island. Don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen, and some food with you. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Lanzarote!