Lanzarote, with its astonishing volcanic landscapes and golden sandy beaches, has become a haven for cycling enthusiasts. The route we propose will take you through the southern part of the island, revealing unique landscapes, charming villages, and the richness of local culture.

Equipamiento Castelli Tribike

Starting at Tribike La Marina, Arrecife

Our cycling adventure begins at Tribike La Marina in Arrecife. From this point, we head down the coastal avenue, enjoying panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Over approximately 15 kilometers, we reach the popular tourist destination of Puerto del Carmen. During the journey, you can take in the coastal scenery, and as you approach Lanzarote Airport, you’ll witness a unique spectacle: planes landing on the sea.

Climbing Towards Tías Conil

We continue our route by ascending to the picturesque village of Tías. We cross the village and keep ascending until we reach Conil, the starting point of the La Geria area, a unique landscape in the world. Here, extensive lands covered in volcanic ash, adorned with vineyards protected by semi-circular volcanic stone walls called “géridas,” stretch as far as the eye can see. This is where the unique wines of Lanzarote are produced, with a distinctive flavor attributed to the island’s geological conditions.

Ruta en bicicleta por el Sur de Lanzarote: Descubre un paraíso volcánico

From La Geria to Yaiza

We continue our exploration of La Geria, passing various wineries. Then, we head to the village of Uga and from there to the charming town of Yaiza, famous for the legend of the Virgen de los Remedios, said to have stopped the lava during a volcanic eruption in the 18th century, protecting the town from destruction. In front of the Remedios church, there’s a century-old bar where you can enjoy a coffee and take a break.


Salinas de Janubio and El Golfo

Continuing, we arrive in the El Golfo area and the Salinas de Janubio. Here, the smell of salt and the waves crashing against volcanic formations envelop us. This part of the route can be particularly exciting, as the sea spray may even reach you as you cross the area.

Salinas de Janubio

Timanfaya National Park

We leave behind the Charco de los Clicos and head back towards the village of Yaiza. From there, we continue to Timanfaya National Park, climbing through a barren landscape that takes us to the Echadero de Camellos. Many tourists take the opportunity to enjoy a camel ride in this area.

El Golfo

Exploring the Montañas del Fuego

Our route leads us through the Montañas del Fuego, passing by El Charco, the access point to this unique location. We continue along the road towards the villages of Mancha Blanca and Tinajo, enjoying views of vineyards and the northern coast of the island.

Timanfaya National Park Interpretation Center

Before reaching Mancha Blanca, we come across the Timanfaya National Park Interpretation Center, a must-visit for anyone exploring Lanzarote.

Returning to Marina de Lanzarote

After passing through Mancha Blanca and Tinajo, we head back towards La Geria, Asomada, and Conil, enjoying a spectacular landscape with the sea in the background. We cross Tías and pass by the House and Foundation of José Saramago, the Nobel Prize-winning Portuguese writer who lived in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote South bike route

Finally, we descend to Puerto del Carmen, passing a golf course and cycling along the avenue of Puerto del Carmen. From there, we return along the coast, passing once again by Guacimeta Airport, concluding our unforgettable route at Marina de Lanzarote, where our Tribike store is located.

This bike route through the south of Lanzarote offers a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts, combining natural beauty, local culture, and stunning vistas in an unforgettable journey. Get ready to discover a volcanic paradise on two wheels!